Hawaiian Burger

Today we are featuring the Hawaiian Burger

Do you want everything Hawaii has to offer in one place? The Hawaiian Burger is a tropical twist on a mainland staple. Halpern’s angus beef and crispy bacon on a toasted bun, with pepper jack cheese. Fresh lettuce, red onion and garlic mayo are the basics, but the luau doesn’t start until the jalapeno chips and grilled pineapple get here! Aloha!


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Ready to order the Hawaiian Burger and taste of one the best burgers you’ll find Flat Rock, Michigan? Stop in or visit our online ordering to access our full menu to build your order just the way you like it! For the fastest service, we ask that you please place your order on our easy-to-use online ordering system or by calling Station 24 Flat Rock directly at +1(734) 789-7302.


Do you love All-American food? How about all things automotive? Why not combine the two? Station 24 in Flat Rock, Michigan, has done exactly that! The building itself contains the classic charm of a completely remodeled classic Texaco gas station that’s been turned into an exciting family-friendly modern restaurant offering one of the coolest experiences you can find in the surrounding Downriver communities. Whether it’s for takeout or dining in… Our friendly staff will make you an exciting, mouthwatering meal to fill up your hunger tank. Our menu has something for everyone so we’re featuring some of our favorites from the menu, just to make you hungry.


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Do you love the Hawaiian Burger? We’d love to hear from you by having you Leave us a comment below and tell us why it’s your favorite thing to order at Station 24 Flat Rock. Do you really want to show Station 24 some love? Take a picture of yourself with your order and tag us @Station24FlatRock on your favorite social media platform! We strive to offer an exceptional dining experience for both take-out and dining-in at our convenient downtown Flat Rock location at the corner of Telegraph and Huron River Drive. Whether you are a long-time resident or a visitor swinging through Flat Rock; we love serving up delicious food using only the best quality ingredients.  Feel free to share our posts or our menu with your friends and family and consider enjoying some of the very best American Food in the Downriver area. Founded in 2021 and launching with a bang, this exciting business is located kiddy-corner across the street from Atwater Street Tacos. Station 24 is hosting a monthly car show event bringing all sorts of awesome rumbling and roaring cars out and creating quite the attraction for both classic car lovers and modern muscle enthusiasts…. but Hey, Even if you aren’t a car fanatic, we proudly look forward to serving you up some exceptional food!

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